School Inc. - A Personal Journey with Andrew Coulson poses the question, if you build a better way to teach a subject, why doesn’t the world beat a path to your door, like they do in other industries? The three-part documentary exposes audiences to unfamiliar and often startling realities within the world of education.
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Is America in Retreat? examines the hard questions American foreign policy leaders face in dealing with a rapidly changing world order. A militarily aggressive Russia and China, along with deteriorating conditions in the Middle East, are forcing the greatest foreign policy debate of our decade.
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The famine in Africa is now so severe that the United Nations speaks of the worst humanitarian crisis in its history, since 1945! So nothing has been done against world hunger for 70 years? Dead Wrong®. Globally the situation has much improved, but what is the “X Factor” holding portions of Africa back? Find out with Free To Choose® Media Executive Editor and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg.
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