~ Confucius

"Attending school is important. My father didn't allow me to go to school. Now that I am older a lack of education is a big setback in life. I want to strive hard so that my child can go to school. So that in the future she won't have to struggle as I am struggling now"
Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring
Presented by the award-winning author and property-rights activist Hernando de Soto, this public television special presents, for the first time, the basic human and economic events that led to the Arab uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. The program shows that “The Arab Spring” was less a political event than it was about the coming of the industrial revolution to a region where over 90% of the population lives and works outside the rule of law.
Economic Freedom in Action: Changing Lives
Each year, the Fraser Institute of Vancouver, Canada, releases its Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report (EFWR). This program is based on the findings of the 2012 report and reveals, in personal and dramatic terms, the impact of increased economic freedom on the lives of ordinary citizens across the globe.
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