Our Founder

Bob Chitester is an individualist, which is to say he has committed his life and career to fighting for the freedom and dignity of every individual.

Bob is also an entrepreneur, having started television facilities at Buena Vista High School in Saginaw, Michigan and Edinboro State Teachers College in Pennsylvania. He led the effort to create a public TV station in Erie, Pennsylvania, and was the first employee and CEO of WQLN, public TV in Erie, PA, which he headed for 16 years.

However, he is perhaps most well-known for creating Milton Friedman’s Free To Choose. He also created The Idea Channel and Free to Choose Network, and has led the development of many hours worth of public television programs. In his spare time, Chitester pursues physical fitness (running, biking, weight training), indulges in wood and clay sculpture, reads poetry publicly, develops new dishes for his vegan diet, and sings at staff meetings. His second home is the Detroit airport, as he logs hundreds of thousands of miles as part of his responsibilities for Free To Choose Network.

Bob and his wife Carol have four children and eight grandchildren.