Winning Ideas
winning idea / “active” noun / 1. An idea about how to achieve a form of social organization to maximize the well-being of all its members. 2. An idea reflecting humans’ desire to make tomorrow better than today. 3. An idea that has been tried and tested over centuries and remains useful today. 4. An idea resulting from Friedrich A. Hayek’s concept of civil evolution. 5. An idea that advances human freedom.
Why Winning Ideas?
Our organization is neither conservative nor liberal. Simply said, we are committed to winning ideas in all the ways the term is defined above. Our products are meant not only to communicate and celebrate those ideas, but to help citizens learn to think critically about any claim of moral or political authority over others. Indeed, we believe such critical thinking is essential to a healthy republic.
The Challenge
Our challenge for the 21st Century is to help the self-governed remain aware of those conditions that give rise to their prosperity and freedom. Of course, people enjoy mass media—TV in particular—because it demands little more than their time. But often, it doesn’t make them think and it certainly doesn’t usually require them to think about the bases of freedom and prosperity. We address this challenge by offering our customers serious, thoughtful programming that is nevertheless entertaining — with winning ideas at the core of everything we produce.
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