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A More or Less Perfect Union

A More or Less Perfect Union looks at the most contentious issues in our history and today through the lens of the Constitution. This groundbreaking three-part series explores how the Framers put freedom in writing in the summer of 1787; how freedom spread over the centuries to all of “we the people”; and how we risk freedom today by ignoring the words of the Framers and failing to sustain freedom in the face of the ever-growing power of the Congress and the President.

Our guide is Judge Douglas Ginsburg—a preeminent expert on the Constitution, who has 30 years of experience on the federal court of appeals in Washington. Throughout the series, experts of all stripes—conservative, progressive, and libertarian—will debate key issues of liberty: freedom of religion, civil rights, separation of powers, and more. And “we the people” will speak our minds.

Thomas Sowell: Contrary to What You Were Saying (W/T)

A companion film for an authorized biography that focuses on how Sowell drew conclusions from his research. Sowell is not a black conservative, but one of the country’s foremost social commentators—without qualification. Why do policy leaders ignore data?

Whatever Happened to Free Speech? (W/T)

A 3-part series including first-hand accounts to address the erosion of debating conflicting ideas and its terrifying effect on the future of living in a free society. Our project goes beyond recent campus-based events to explore the true meaning of free speech and the advancement of human well-being.

Corporate Welfare (W/T)

Corporate Welfare is a one-hour documentary film that looks at government policies and programs designed to help America’s rich at the expense of the poor and middle class. The film is intended as a companion piece to a forthcoming book by Lisa Conyers. Free To Choose® Network (FTCN) partnered with Ms. Conyers on her most recent book, The Human Cost of Welfare. Our companion film, Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare, drew over 60,000 viewers on its public television debut in New York City. We expect to achieve similar or higher ratings using public television as a distribution channel for this film. This film is the first comprehensive look at the many strands of “cronyism” in the U.S. We will also offer solutions on how to reduce the influence of lobbyists who do the bidding of the investor class.

Gum sa Bopp - Believe in Yourself (W/T)

Gum sa Bopp - Believe in Yourself is a public TV special examining the road to economic prosperity through the experiences, thoughts and career of an African entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. The program will introduce Magatte Wade as an original thinker and passionate advocate for creating opportunities for individuals through business development, free markets and capitalism - not foreign aid. This project is intended to create star-power status for a young entrepreneur who can become a new role model for African-Americans. Gum sa Bopp - Believe in Yourself presents universal principles that are equally relevant to any nation.